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Bar girls - Bikini bars - Cebu City - Philippines - Cebu City Nightlife

I have not edited this page in years and is totally out of date. I will be back soon to update it and make it better. I will also change to a private domain name and get rid of this shitty Tripod with all their pop-ups.


If you are expecting to find a bunch of beautiful girls at the bikini bars, there are a few! Most of the bars have a large selection of average to a little above average girls as far as looks go. There is a sprinkling of some real lookers at many of the bars, but you must go hunting. Why these places can not get better looking girls in a country with so many babes, I do not know. If you are looking for a wife, that is a different matter as there are many beautiful women here but those are not what you will find in the bars if you are coming to Cebu to be a bad boy.

Here is a list of places not to go and in my opinion, to go!

THE BLACK HOLE, Mango Ave {NOW CLOSED} The new owner has changed the name to 'HOT RODS" and remolded it. The same owner as Club Temptations It is very expensive and to much pressure to by lady drinks that are also very expensive. The food is also very, very expensive. The girls are average in looks

UPDATE: NEW OWNER FROM THE U.S. THE PLACE IS CLEAN AND MUCH IMPROVED.THE SILVER DOLLAR, Osmena BLVD The owners two Australian and one is a nice enough guy. This place is a very old bar and look out for the cockroaches crawling all over the bar. These girls in this bar have real bad attitudes and act like they are doing you a favor by allowing you to buy them a drink. There are a few and only a few good looking girls here. Do not waste a lot of time here. .

THUNDER DOME and VOLVO. UPDATE: NOW IT IS CALLED DOLVO AND BOTH BARS ARE COMBINED, BUT THE SAME RIP OFF PLACE AS BEFORE! Ramos St. . These two bars are right next to each other and are owned by the same person. Ridiculous, outrageous prices. That is all you need to know!

LOVE CITY, Mango Ave, Across from Hot Rods Owned by the same person as Thunder Dome and Volvo. Frequented by lots of Japanese and Koreans as with Thunder Dome and Volvo. Same outrageous prices! UPDATE

STARS, Mango Ave {formerly exotica}UPDATE: RECENTLY SOLD AND THE NEW NAME IS PUSSYCATS AND THE ORIGINAL OWNWER IS BACK WITH THEW SAME OVER THE HILL WOMEN Has the reputation as having the ugliest dancers in Cebu City.

UPDATE Exotica was sold a few years ago to a couple of stupid Ausi's who paid a ridiculously outrageous high price for it. They thought they were going to make it an exclusive Ausi hang out! Oh well, they are wondering why they are not making money? The former owner did not make much money either until these two came along! There is one born every minute!

UPDATE The original owner bought it back from the Ausi's for a fraction of what they paid. It is a place not to go. No girls, no customers and the girls look like they are retired house maids!

VIKING BAR, Mango Ave originally owned by a Norwegian national up to a few years ago who drank himself to death. Now his Filipina Wife is the owner with her new husband. Some of the girls are pretty and a better selection than most other bars. It was recently renovated and can be a fun place. Not a lot of pressure to buy drinks and reasonable prices. I like Viking, but it is a little to big for me. If not for so many Koreans, it would be better. Check it out, you will like it.

LONE STAR Close to Mango Ave a stones toss from Stars. It was also sold a few years ago by the former owner, Ben, a full time Australian drunk. The new owner is a nice guy. The place is a bit pricy for me, they also charge you VAT tax and the price of drinks and beer is a little too high to begin with. I have never seen many good looking girls there except a few. They do have a pool table and basically a good bar and only once in a while you see a Korean!

COBRA BAR {CLOSED AND NONE THE TOO SOON!} The owner of this bar, also a Norwegian opened this place several months ago. He previously had a bar by the same name in downtown Colon, Cebu City, but that place went belly up! So he tried his luck at this new location on Ramos. Well, it looks like he did not learn a thing from his poor management style in the past. I was in Cobra Bar recently with a friend and there is employed a very nasty and unprofessional Filipina manager who makes you feel most unwelcome. She is a former bar dancer and has no idea of public relations. We walked in there one Friday night at about 11 P.M. and we were the only customers. I knew a few girls that worked there and one I had known for years so naturally they came over to say hello to my friend and I. Well, a moment later the manager was over at our table {we had not even sat down yet!} trying to get us to buy drinks for all four girls and we had not ordered our own yet. The one girl explained that she was just greeting us. The manager got angry and pulled all the girls away, not very good public relations. This all happened in the space of about two minutes from the time we walked in the door. Geeeeez! It is a nice looking bar, but this place will not last long with this kind of public relations. The mixed drinks were also expensive and weak.

UPDATE: NOWCLOSED AFTER A RAID LAST YEAR Mandaue Expensive place. Very large lots of girls and most look very young! make up your own mind on that issue. Owned by or managed by the former owner of the Black Hole on Mango Ave. Exotic looking place, but as I said, to expensive and to far out of the way.

UPDATE EGYPT WAS RAIDED about two weeks ago and 58 girls were taken from the bar and many believed to be underage as so reported by the Sunstar Daily, but take what that rag says with a grain of salt. The girls were taken to DSWD and held pending a check on the true ages of the girls. Many probably were under age as is commonly believed. The manager-owner a German national and his Swiss partners were also arrested. The bar was closed for a few days, but now reopened after the management paid "WHO" they had to pay and all is forgiven, awwwh! so nice of the DSWD and the police to forgive!!! The International Justice Mission was in on that one. They seem to not accomplish what they intended to. This is the 2nd or 3rd time Egypt has been raided. The owners are out of jail also and most likely the underage girls are right back there. They keep paying the police each time and the police keep raiding them to make more money. Some people never learn..

SISTERS I do not like the place. The two sisters who manage are Filipinas and relatives of the owner a New Zealander and his late Filipina wife. It was a good bar before, but not so much now. The girls are not the same caliber as in the earlier days. it is also very small. The bartender is a little Filipino punk wise ass piece of shit. Watch your change with him!! IT IS BELIEVED THAT THE ORIGINAL OWNER WAS KILLED IN A SET-UP BY THE SISTERS OF HIS WIFE WHO PASSED AWAY AND NOW HAVE THE BAR

STRIPESUPDATE: NEW OWNER NOW BUT THE GREAT FOOD FROM BEFORE IS GONE A new bar that opened recently on Escario Street near the Golden Peak Hotel. It is almost on the corner of a side Street that intersects with Escario, but I can not remember the name of that street now. It is a medium sized bar, but well run. They have had their growing pains finding a good floor manager and reliable dancers that will be at work regularly, but all bars have the same problem. There was not one girl in there the 4 or 5 times I was there that were only average in looks or below average. I would venture to say, that Stripes had maybe not a lot of girls as the bigger bars ,but the girls looks were well above average. The staff is friendly and polite. The American style food is some of the best I have ever had in the Philippines. Food you can not find anywhere. Try the pasta with Italian sausage, better than I had in the states and Italian hoagies etc. It is worth to go there just for the food. This will be a good bar.

B G's On Mango Ave. Same owner as Viking. but a Smaller bar, but cozy. Nice staff no complaints. There is not very many girls now or very many good looking ones. The food is typical Filipino, not western food, not even french fries. I find this odd as most of the clientele is western. I still like the bar, check it out

NEXT DOOR BAR Same owner as Viking and B G's. It is bigger than B G's and smaller than Viking. There are some cute girls, good prices, nice staff, but many, many Koreans. I understand that when ordering food there, you get the choice of fork or chop sticks! UPDATE > DIMPLES Some good looking girls some not so, basically the same as Papillon as it is the same owner

PAPILLON Expensive, girls are not good looking at all. It is nice inside and cozy. Thatís all I have to say. Next time I am back in the Philippines, I will make this with more listings and will be registering this site under

There are many KTV sing-along bars in Cebu City that are very expensive as far as getting entertained by the girls who work there. The ladies drinks are expensive equaling about $5.00 or more. The bar fines to take a girl out can be as much as 3000 Peso's or more, about $60.00. These places are mostly frequented by Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans. MORE TO COME.... Where to find the girls!